Bazzaz Stand Alone Quickshifter
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Bazzaz Stand Alone Quickshifter

Price: $490.00
  • Item #: bazzazQS
  • Manufacturer: Bazzaz
  • Condition: New
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Make it race.

Full throttle, clutchless upshifting.


Stand Alone Quick Shift
Comes with everything: strain gage, rod, harness, control unit

Transforms any bike into a machine for racing
Exhilarating and fun acceleration
Crucial for competition

How it Works
Bazzaz quick shift units sense when the shift lever is activated
Ignition is cut for milliseconds at a time, imperceptibly fast, to allow shift
Ignition cut times taper through the gears for seamless shifting

Who needs it?
Anyone wanting the performance and feel of a race bike
All competitors