R1 2007 2008 Custom LED Integrated Complete Taillight
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R1 2007 2008 Custom LED Integrated Complete Taillight

Price: $129.95
  • Item #: R10708CustomLEDtailight
  • Manufacturer: Custom LED
  • Condition: New
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This is an integrated tail light retrofit for the stock 2007-2008 YZF-R1 tail light. These ALL NEW units are complete (housing, plug and play wiring and installed CUSTOM LED BLASTER-X board). Circuit board containing 24 Ultra Bright Red LEDs and 24 Ultra Bright Yellow LEDs - compared to only 22 red LEDs on the stock circuit board! The Custom LED 2007-2008 Yamaha YZF-R1 Integrated LED Tail Light marks the introduction of our new Brake Alert safety feature, strobe Mode and NOW FULLY complete PLUG AND PLAY! Brake Alert automatically provides three quick strobes of light the instant the brakes are applied. This alerts motorists the instant you apply the brakes - possibly saving seconds of reaction time for non alert motorists! Strobe Mode is a feature that puts the tail light into a devastating strobe cycle that is sure to get anyone's attention. This mode produces insanely bright pulses of light at ultra high frequencies, in alternating patterns across the tail light. Strobe mode is engaged by grounding a control wire, and can be engaged at any time. Also included is our Blaster-X technology. This technology squeezes the maximum possible illuminance power out of LEDs. The result is a significantly less expensive, yet even more outstanding and effective product than it's predecessors - and widens our advantage over our competitors. It also allows us to utilize less LEDs, thereby maintaining the factory light distribution which was previously not possible.